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All good things -........- come by grace
                             and grace comes by art and art does not come easy.”  

Norman McLean
                                                                A River Runs Through it 

For me, so true. Art does not come easy.  Art takes effort. It incites reflection and imagination in its creation. It may be difficult for some to understand.  I was born and raised in Southern California. After high school, I became the publications artist for a local community college. I later went on to graduate from California State University at Long Beach, with a BA in Art.  I then entered the Masters program for ceramics. I have spent most of my life either in school, or teaching at the high school, community college and adult school levels. 
My inspiration comes from the people, places and things that interest me. My interests range far and wide, and are not limited to any particular  style. Now that I have retired from teaching art for almost forty years, I have become a student again.  This has allowed me to rediscover my passion for the creative process again.



California Art Club,